“The first one gets the oyster,
the second gets the shell.”

"The first gets the oyster, the second the shell. In the field of auctions, the above English expression is not really appropriate: there is no second best. Here, we want you to be the first.

Moinat Auctions is a service of CHARLES-EMILE MOINAT & FILS SA, reference in high-end furniture and art objects, decoration and interior architecture.

The main company was founded in 1920 in Rolle, Switzerland, by Louis Moinat, my great-great-grandfather, and has remained in the tradition while following the evolution of techniques and the market.

"The 3 common denominators that characterize us the most are probably: Exception. Originality. Swiss quality. Not forgetting family tradition and know-how."

"Exception" because most of our products are unique, or at least handcrafted and limited. You can therefore be sure that you will not find exactly the same table, sofa, lamp or even decoration in your neighbour's living room.

Charles-Emile Moinat has a head start in relation to his "originality" The company has its own fully equipped workshops. Any modification or customisation can be carried out in-house with the know-how and long experience. Almost anything is possible.

Finally, let's talk about tradition and "Swiss quality".You can't compromise on that and you can't appreciate it. The world sometimes smiles at the mentality of the Swiss, but it knows that they care about what they do.

The good news for you: All these points translate into : "Moinat Auctions". You enjoy and bid on our own unique, original and quality products.

My aim with these atypical sales is to motivate art lovers to buy quality objects at reasonable prices in line with the current market.

With several sales to our credit, we have a place in the hearts of art collectors, interior designers and individuals worldwide. I hope you find exactly what you are looking for! If not, please do not hesitate to contact us. And please feel free to send us your comments; they are important to us.

At your service,

Gérard Moinat

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